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TypeScript 2.8: Mapped Type Modifiers

With TypeScript 2.8, mapped types have gained the ability to add or remove a particular modifier from a property. Previously, it was only possible to add modifiers to properties, but not remove them.

TypeScript 2.8: Conditional Types

TypeScript 2.8 introduced conditional types, a powerful and exciting addition to the type system.

JavaScript Promises in Depth

I'm proud to present "JavaScript Promises in Depth", my fourth egghead.io course!

Using Promise.prototype.finally() in TypeScript

ES2018 introduced a new Promise.prototype.finally() method to the standard library. Here's how to use it in TypeScript.

Syntax Highlighting for yarn.lock Files in Visual Studio Code

I recently built and published an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides syntax highlighting for yarn.lock files.

TypeScript 2.8: Per-File JSX Factories

TypeScript 2.8 allows you to specify JSX factory names on a per-file basis using a special comment at the beginning of the file.

TypeScript 2.7: Strict Property Initialization

TypeScript 2.7 introduced a new compiler option for strict property initialization checks in classes.

TypeScript 2.7: Numeric Separators

TypeScript 2.7 brought support for numeric separators. Within a numeric literal, you can now group digits by putting an underscore between them.

TypeScript 2.6: JSX Fragment Syntax

TypeScript 2.6 added support for JSX fragments. Within .tsx files, you can now use the new <>...</> syntax to create a fragment.

TypeScript 2.5: Optional catch Binding

TypeScript 2.5 implemented the optional catch binding proposal, which changes the ECMAScript grammar to allow for the omission of the variable binding within a catch clause.

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