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Marius Schulz
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Sharing Line Highlights in GitHub Files

When you browse a repository on GitHub and open any text file, you can highlight single lines by clicking a line number on the left. Taking TypeScript's scanner.ts file as an example, a single-line highlight can look like this:

Highlight of a single line in a file on GitHub

You can also highlight multiple lines by pressing SHIFT and clicking on the last line number of the range you want to select:

Highlight of multiple lines in a file on GitHub

Your line selection will be reflected in the hash portion of the file URL, allowing you to send around the URL to point somebody to your selected line range:

The problem with these URLs is that they're not persistent. File contents change over time, and thus the line numbers are mapped differently as well.

Take a look at this TypeScript issue, for example, in which the author linked to a file that had some lines highlighted. It was supposed to have a for-loop within the line range [272, 279]. When I followed the posted link at the time of writing this post, what I saw was the following line range, which is not the one the author intended to highlight:

Highlight of an unintended line range in a file on GitHub

Depending on when you read this post, you might see something else entirely. That's not helpful, and it gets even worse once a file has changed drastically.

Luckily, there's a solution to work around this issue: GitHub listens for the y key any time you're looking at an opened file. When you press y, you will be redirected to a URL that represents a permalink to the Git blob associated with that file.

That URL you're being redirected to uniquely identifies that blob — and only that blob. It also doesn't change over time, which makes it suitable for sharing.

Here's the blob URL to the aforementioned for-loop with correct highlighting:

Highlight of the intended line range in a file on GitHub

The next time you're about to highlight some lines in a text file on GitHub and share a link to them, remember to press y first to get a permalink!