Marius Schulz
Marius Schulz
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Introducing the ExtraLINQ NuGet Package

In a previous post, I introduced ExtraLINQ, a small .NET class library that provides additional extension methods for sequence and collection types.

To make the installation of ExtraLINQ easier, I have created a NuGet package called ExtraLINQ and submitted it to the official NuGet feed (see NuGet » Packages » ExtraLINQ). You can use both the Library Package Manager and the Package Manager Console to install the package.

#Using the Library Package Manager

To install the package using the Library Package Manager, right click on References, hit Manage NuGet Packages... and select Online in the navigation panel on the left side. Select the search box in the upper right corner, type in extralinq, hit enter. Finally, click the Install button on the listed package.

#Using the Package Manager Console

To install the package using the Package Manager Console, select View, expand Other Windows and select Package Manager Console. Make sure that Default project is set to the correct project within your solution and run the following command:

Install-Package ExtraLINQ