Marius Schulz
Marius Schulz
Front End Engineer

Build 2015: My Favorite Sessions

So, the Build 2015 conference happened recently, and a lot of good stuff has been announced and shown. These are my favorite session recordings.

Introducing ASP.NET 5

Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter introduce the new ASP.NET 5 framework. This is a perfect overview if you haven't looked into the future of ASP.NET yet. A lot has changed, that much I can promise.

Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5

Damian Edwards and Scott Hanselman take a closer look at the internals and some more advanced topics of ASP.NET 5 in this successor to the introductory session. Crucial to a good understanding of the platform, in my opinion. Highly recommended!

What's New in C# 6 and Visual Basic 14

Dustin Campbell and Mads Torgersen, who lead the .NET compiler platform and language design team, show off what new features are shipping with C# 6 and the Roslyn compiler.

Roslyn Analyzers and the Rise of Code-Aware Libraries

Once more, Dustin Campbell walks on stage to show how the .NET Compiler Platform (aka "Roslyn") can be used to analyze source code, provide diagnostic information, suggest refactorings, and rewrite source code.

The Future of TypeScript

Anders Hejlsberg shows what the future holds for the TypeScript language: support for ECMAScript 2015, async/await, and how they make working with modern JavaScript patterns and libraries easier.